Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet the Wonderful Students of Cebu Institute of Medicine.

The morning of Friday August 12th kicked off bright and early at 8 am. We rode the colorful Jeepney to the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) where we were warmly received by the 3rd year medical students. PP11 split up into 2 groups and each was guided on a tour of their school and facilities. We visited their lab and viewed some interesting specimens under the microscope and saw some preserved body parts.

We also saw their mock examination rooms, mock operation room, computer lab, library (pic of sleeping students) (sleeping in the library is universa!) where they took their tests and anatomy lab. Some of us even dissected some of the cadavers.

computer lab
mock operation room
The CIM students are very hard working and 100% of them passed their board exams! Congratulations! We learned they rarely used the lecture room, but most of their learning was problem based. Students are given a topic and have to find their own books to read and learn as much as they can, participate in group discussions, and have weekly quizzes! Despite all the work they have from studies and working late shifts at the hospital they were high spirited, funny, and took their time showing us around and giving us a lesson on how to take blood pressure. The lesson on taking blood pressures was very well taught and interactive. I particularly enjoyed getting to know the 3rd year students and we thank them for their amazing hospitality.

PP11 with CIM students and Dr. Montoya

We then returned to the hotel for lunch courtesy of Kenny Rogers. Given their poor service we received 3 free chickens! We spent most of the afternoon and night on Subcommittee work, team bonding, learning new games: twenty + one and drive, and more discussion of how we are going to define our Impact and Outcome of the project. We also had dinner delivered by McDonalds Filipino style. They serve rice with chicken nuggets and spaghetti is on the menu!

Then the adults subcommittee worked very hard that night gearing up for our early morning at the Budlaan village!

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