Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye

After our busy day with the kids on Friday, we had one day to debrief and bring closure to our experiences as a group in the Philippines.  We spent a good chunk of our morning going over our SIO (i.e. Significance, Impact, Outcome) goals for our three weeks, thoroughly evaluating each aspect of what we had planned to accomplish.  In the afternoon, we took a long lunch/shopping break at the mall, after which we finished our SIO evaluation.  In the evening, we headed to Red Box--a nice karaoke bar--for a night of singing and billiards, and we were joined by several of the CIM students halfway through the night.  All in all, it was a lovely way to end our three weeks!

Debating about SIO goals.  This is actually an earlier picture from when we were creating rather than discussing the results of the actual SIO outcomes, but I forgot to take a picture on the final day.  However, I promise you that the setup looked pretty much identical.

Love from the Leadership Team!  Although each team presented its respective team leader with some sort of small gift, the Leadership Team's personalized desserts from none other than our beloved CUPCAKE SOCIETY scored a special picture.  Although they are too small to see at the moment, the cupcakes spell out: "We Love You, Janet!"  Awww!  ^^

Livvie, Jessie, and Amy LOVE the Philippines!!  At our final dinner in none other than our oft-visited AYALA.

Final group photo!  In red box, before things start to get really crazy with the CIM students, free drinks, and flying cue balls...

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